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Name: Dr. Soma Bhowmick, Associate professor PAPER PRESENTATIONS/SUBMISSIONS:

February, Paper submission, Food Security in India: Challenges and Proposals, at One Day Multi-Disciplinary National Seminar on Agricultural in India: Proposals and Implementations, organized by the Department of Social Sciences, Guru Nanak Girls College, Santpura, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, 26th February. (Seminar sponsored by Director Higher Education, Haryana)

2018 January, Paper submission, Social Audit: Harbinger of Social Change by Gauging Social Responsibility at One-Day National Seminar on India at Crossroads, organized by the Department of Commerce, Mukand Lal National College, Radaur, Haryana, 30th January. (Seminar sponsored by Director Higher Education, Haryana, Panchkula)


August 2018: Roadblocks to Inclusive Education, in Kumari. Manjeet and Goldy Gupta, (Ed), Emerging Gender and Inclusive Perspectives in Education, New Delhi, Akinik Publications, 2018

Book Publication July 2018: Bhowmick, Soma, Democratic Decentralization: 74th Constitutional Amendment and the Guwahati Municipal Corporation, Scholar Publication, 2018

June 2018: Social Media: Impacting Personal Relations within Family Unit, in Gupta, Manmohan (Ed). Impact of Social Media of Youth, Pune: ISBN: 978-81-937496-1-6, Eureka Publisher, 2018.

April 2018: Pratidhwani the Echo, (http://www.thecho.in/), Volume-VI, Issue-IV, April 2018, Page No. 07-329, ISSN: 2278-5264 (Online) 2321- 9319 (Print), Impact Factor: 6.28 (Index Copernicus International) UGC Approved Journal Serial No.47694/48666: Food Security in India: Issues, Challenges and Prospects.

April 2018: Role of Women in Sustaining Food Security, in Gupta, Manmohan (Ed). International Views on Women’s Condition in 21st Century, Pune: ISBN: 978-81-935639-7-7, Eureka Publisher, 2018.

February 2018: International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (http://www.ijcrt.org), Vol. 6, Issue 1, (ISSN: 2320-2882 | Impact Factor: UGC and ISSN Approved), Impact Factor: 5.97: Social Audit: Harbinger of Accountability in Governance.

Contributions accepted for upcoming publications in edited volumes in 2018:

Deliberating Issues Affecting Women Globally, in Women Empowerment and Development- Issues and Challenges edited by Bhupal Bhattacharya

Constructing Intra-Integration in North East India: Issues and Challenges, in National Integration and its relevance to Northeast India edited by Dr. Maireiwon Ningshen


August, 2018, Advisor, International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Scientific Research (IJAMSR), https://www.ijamsr.com/editorialboard.php#

April, 2018, (Membership no: 3337) Life Member of the Indian Political Science Association, https://www.ijps.net.in/

April, 2018 Non Resident Fellow, Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Development Studies, Amritsar, Punjab, http://idsasr.in/

Name: Dr. P. G Jangamlung Richard, Assistant Professor ARTICLE:

2018,Status of women under Pushtun Tribal customary laws in Afghanistan, in the edited book Understanding the Tribes of Asia by Synod Colleges, Shillong, 2018.

Name: Mrs. Yaoreila Angkang, Assistant Professor(Part time) ACTIVITIES:

Participated in International Yoga Day Program 2018