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Ph.D. Commerce is a three to five year course. Eligibility for the course is a postgraduate course in Commerce, candidates should have Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/Bachelor in Technology in Commerce from recognized University. Major Job profile and designations for these graduates are Accountant, Chartered Accountant, and Company secretary, Cost Accountant, Finance Analyst, Finance Planner, Finance Manager, Finance Controller, Finance Consultant, Investment Analyst, Stock, Broker, Portfolio Manager and Tax Auditor etc. Graduates with this degree have opportunity for the industries like Coaching Centers, Commerce Consultancies, Commerce Department, Home Tuitions, Museums, Private Tuitions, Publishing House, Research and Development Agencies and Schools etc. The average salary for Ph.D. (Commerce) graduates is around INR 4 Lakh to INR 20 Lakh but this can be higher on the basis of experience and other factors.

64000 Per Year/Sem
B.Sc. (CBZ)

B.Sc. Botany, Zoology & Chemistry course enables the students to take up advanced studies in Botany, Zoology & Chemistry. The main goal of a B.Sc degree in any subject is to develop a deeper understanding of natural laws, inquiring about the reasons and logics which govern them through established methods of observation, modeling, experimentation and calculations. This makes B.Sc degree a very important weapon in your arsenal and opens a plethora of opportunities for further studies, research as well as lucrative employment opportunities across the globe. After completing B.Sc. degree one can get employed in non-scientific sectors in addition to scientific sectors. They can seek out for career in research laboratories, Government corporations, banking and finance sector and so on. Apart from this, science graduates can also find jobs in IT industry, business, BPO, marketing, technical writing and so on. Study Options after B.Sc Graduation The key advantages that B.Sc graduates have is that of choice. They have a wide range of options available in terms of subjects, topics, fields and other associated as mentioned above to pursue their graduation degree in. B.Sc graduates can opt to join a postgraduate level degree programme in their respective field or subject to pursue further studies. Some students have also been known to opt for non-science master degree programmes like journalism, animation, computer technology, management, hospitality sector and many others as their field of study after completion of their B.Sc graduation.

26000 Per Year/Sem
B.Sc. Home Science

B.Sc. Home Science is an Undergraduate Home Science Professional course. Home Science covers the study of the various sciences that involve nutrition, health and growth measures including the science that deals with the surroundings and environment. The degree course mainly comprise of the study of the major topics of Home Science like Food Science, Fundamentals of Resource Management, Foundations of Human Development, Introduction to Fabric and Apparel Science, Foundations of Food and Nutrition, etc. In other words, B.Sc. (Home Science) is a degree course that includes the study of many disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Physiology, Biology, Hygiene, Economics, Rural Development, Child Development, Sociology and Family Relations, Community Living, Art, Food, Nutrition, Clothing, Textiles and Home Management. The duration of the course is Three Years and the syllabus for the course is divided into Six Semesters.

26000 Per Year/Sem