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Ph.D. ( All Subject )

A PhD in Arts and Humanities may be the ideal career choice for many people. Those who have already achieved their Masters degree in this area can further their studies to include this type of post-graduate work. This type of education focuses on human thoughts and culture. It is an advanced level of education, often focusing on student teacher relationships, advanced research methods, and higher tier courses. It is often very focused on specific areas of study. Taking this course is beneficial for those who wish to advance their degrees for work-related positions. It is also a likely step for those people who are passionate about their degree and wish to learn at a higher level. Often, these courses involve research work in a given field, which may be interesting to the student.

64000 Per Year/Sem
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

B.Com degree is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills, while building competence in a particular area of business. Most universities, therefore, plan the degree such that students are exposed to general business principles, taking courses in accounting, finance, business management, human resources, marketing, and economics; some programs also require business statisistics, introductory calculus and information systems. Depending on the institution, a formal academic major may or may not be established. Regardless, a Bachelor of Commerce degree requires students to take the majority of their courses in business-related subjects.

16000 Per Year/Sem
B.Com Computer

Students opting to undergo a course in B.Com Computer learn not only the subjects of Commerce, but are also taught to use the software technology for their professional requirements. The course bridging commerce and computer applications helps them to become smart and employable. Training in Computer Applications in the field of commerce is an extra mileage in placements. It has an innovative modern curriculum. After the completion of the course, one can join any of the following programmes namely: MBA, MCA, M.Com, M.Com, CA, ACS, CA, MIB, MSW.

16000 Per Year/Sem