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MA Economics

MA Economics is a postgraduate master's degree in economics comprising training in Economic theory, Econometrics and / or Applied Economics. The degree may be offered as a terminal degree or as additional preparation for doctoral study, and is sometimes offered as a professional degree, such as the emerging degree, M.P.S. in Applied Economics. The program emphases and curricula will differ correspondingly. Many universities (in the United States) do not offer the master's degree directly; rather, the degree is routinely awarded as a master's degree "en route", after completion of a designated phase of the Ph.D. program in economics. The course of study for the master's degree lasts from one to two years.

16000 Per Year/Sem
MA Public Administration

MA Public Administration program is a professional degree and a graduate degree for the public sector and it prepares individuals to serve as managers, executives and policy analysts in the executive arm of local, state/provincial, and federal/national government, and increasingly in Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Nonprofit sectors; it places a focus on the systematic investigation of executive organization and management. Instruction includes the roles, development, and principles of public administration; Public policy management and implementation.

16000 Per Year/Sem
MA Psychology

MA in Psychology is a postgraduate Psychology course. Psychology includes a comprehensive and thorough study of Psychology as a discipline at an advanced level. M.A. Psychology degree course covers the study of mind processes, motives, reactions, feelings, conflict resolution, crisis management, groupthink, motivation and nature of the mind. It covers subjects and topics like General Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology, Industrial Psychology, etc. In other words, M.A. Psychology degree course is a study involving the scientific study of mental functions and behavior. The duration of M.A. in Psychology course is two years and course is divided into four semesters.

16000 Per Year/Sem
Master Of Social Work

MA Social Work in simple terms refers to various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase their welfare. Master of Social Work is an Post Graduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course of program in the field of Social Work. It is commonly abbreviated as M.S.W. or M.A. (SW) which stands for Master of Social Work or Master of Arts in Social Work. Masters in Social Work Degree Programme in is aimed at training individuals who are already working or desire to work in the Development and Welfare sectors.

26000 Per Year/Sem