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MA Political Science

MA Political Science is a higher education degree that can lead to an exciting career in politics. Many people who get a Master of Arts degree in Political Science end up working for the U.S. government. The program gives people the skills to understand the Constitution, how laws are made, and how to effectively navigate the complicated world of modern governing with advanced coursework. This degree can prepare students for jobs overseas, working for the state department or other communication-based jobs with theoretical and hands-on training. Students who receive a Master of Arts in Political Science can end up with careers in fast-paced, exciting environments. They may end up being the mayor of a major city, a lobbyist for a non-profit group, or an ambassador for the State Department.

16000 Per Year/Sem
MA History

MA History program is designed to communicate understanding of historical incidences and development as well as to convey skills of historical investigation and support the historical imagination. The course teaches students to inquire historically while making use of insights and interpretative methods of other areas, and it seeks to promote a spirit of decisive thinking about modern social questions. Candidates possessing good intellectual skills and critical analysis abilities should opt for this course. If you want to become curator of museums and heritage sites or join journalism, then you must pursue the course. The graduates of MA History are not just for promising historians. A linked academic career may tempt you, of course, but History is also one of the most diverse Humanities subjects, with use in a variety of jobs. Candidate who wish to pursue masters in history should know to how to research, analyze and present things in a clear and coherent way.

16000 Per Year/Sem
MA Sociology

MA Sociology is offered at university level and is a course which provides opportunity to learn about human society, social customs and different social systems on a deeper level. An MA in Sociology is a natural next juncture for students who pursue Sociology at Bachelor level. MA in Sociology helps a student understand the nuances of the human society. It helps develop an understanding of how human society originated and its various evolutionary stages. An MA in Sociology prepares individuals with a better understanding of the frameworks of societies and communities around the world, thus making them adept at understanding how organizations work in the contemporary setting.

16000 Per Year/Sem
MA Geography

MA Geography is a postgraduate geography course. It is a two years of program and the course includes a comprehensive and the thorough study of the physical features of the earth and of human activity. In MA in Geography , the focus of study is more on social science aspect of the subject i.e. on Human Geography which is an area of study that includes the built environment and how space is created, viewed and managed by humans as well. The syllabus for this course is divided into four semesters. M.A. Geography course is very important and job oriented one.

16000 Per Year/Sem
MA Economics

MA Economics is a postgraduate master's degree in economics comprising training in Economic theory, Econometrics and / or Applied Economics. The degree may be offered as a terminal degree or as additional preparation for doctoral study, and is sometimes offered as a professional degree, such as the emerging degree, M.P.S. in Applied Economics. The program emphases and curricula will differ correspondingly. Many universities (in the United States) do not offer the master's degree directly; rather, the degree is routinely awarded as a master's degree "en route", after completion of a designated phase of the Ph.D. program in economics. The course of study for the master's degree lasts from one to two years.

16000 Per Year/Sem