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MA Philosophy

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Among the oldest of human pursuits, philosophy deals with some of the greatest questions regarding existence, such as “What is truth?” and “What is the nature of reality?” Graduates may not hold all of the answers, but they will have developed tools for exploring the questions, garnered in part through study of primary texts, discussion and lecture, and reflection and rigorous testing of hypotheses. MA Philosophy degree focuses on particular areas and/or issues, such as religion or ethics, and applicants are prepared to draft a clear statement outlining their particular interests. Few degrees offer more opportunity for self-examination and high-level intellectual discourse. Philosophy majors tend to enjoy their work and apply their learning to their personal pursuits, as well as their professional lives. While a notoriously challenging discipline, philosophy instills academic rigor and critical thinking skills that transfer to many possible fields. Upon successfully completing a program, many graduates go on to earn PhDs.


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